The American International Commercial Arbitration Court (AICAC) exists since 2010. During this time, our organization has developed and implemented many unique programs in the field of commercial arbitration, mediation, expert, consulting and human rights activities.

In particular, the Court’s block of human rights projects consists of innovative programs such as: International Human Rights Commission of Judicial and Police Inquiries (IHRCJPI); training, attestation and certification of human rights defenders; Chamber of Expert Proceedings (CEP).

However, in 2019, an organization appeared «The American International Court of Arbitration and Commission for Human Rights» (AICAC-HR). The name of this structure is surprisingly similar to the name of our Court and actually duplicates its abbreviation.

AICAC-HR has also borrowed and duplicated many elements of our human rights work.

AICAC-HR is headed by our former partner and General Commissioner of the IHRCJPI of the AICAC - Dr. Humphrey H. Pachecker. Thus, it is obvious how exactly this AICAC clone appeared.

Of course, to some extent, we are flattered by such attention to our innovations. Also, we are not opposed to officially sharing best practices and disseminating innovations. Not everyone is able to create something new and some functionaries prefer to simply copy other people's inventions. But these circumstances should receive an objective and fair legal and moral assessment from the public.

We draw the attention of our partners and clients to the need to correctly identify AICAC and the activities of the Court against the background of other organizations. AICAC-HR has no relation to AICAC. This organization is also not our partner, representative or successor in any form.

Please do not confuse us with imitators!