Patent chamber

Patent Chamber of the AICAC is a structural subdivision of the Court specializing on consideration of commercial disputes related to the copyright and the intellectual property (within the framework of the general international legal competence of the AICAC).

Mission of the Patent Chamber is to develop alternative legal instruments of protection of the copyright and the neighboring rights and to deliver these instruments to the persons concerned.

The regime and results of activities of the Patent Chamber allow the rightholders to obtain efficient and universal means of legal protection of intellectual property at the international level.

The arbitration procedure allows recognizing and protecting the copyright and the neighboring rights to objects of intellectual property, which are the products of a person’s creative work, having all the required patentability criteria, but not being considered as traditional objects of patenting in most countries (due to absence of the physical form and functional completeness). This includes the scientific or fiction works of local or intermediate nature, which are not intended to be purposefully used independently, but are used (or can be used due to sufficient potential) in practice: logically complete scientific ideas and plots of creative works in various formats.

In conditions of inaccessibility of state patenting mechanisms for the person concerned, in order implement effective and quick international protection of the intellectual property rights, the AICAC recommends using the alternative mechanism of authoritative scientific, practical and professional assessment of patentability and patenting under the IOSCEAAD-775 standard (International Union of Commerce and Industry – London, UK).

Together with «Arbitration Support of a Contract», «Inspection and Protection of Commodity and Financial Operations», and operations of the «AICAC Chamber of Expert Proceedings», work of the AICAC Patent Chamber is a fundamental innovation of the American International Commercial Arbitration Court in the field of development of instruments of effective protection of legitimate rights and interests of individuals, corporations and the society.

If you are interested in protection of intellectual property using the procedures of the Patent Chamber of our Court, please make the corresponding inquiry to the AICAC Secretariat.

Additional Regulations of the American International Commercial Arbitration Court in the field of activities of the AICAC Patent Chamber