Certification in the AICAC as the IHRCJP member

In coordination with the Court official partners of the AICAC have the right to perform independent educational and practical training of professional lawyers, economists, businessmen and public figures on the basis of original unique training programs in the sphere of private international law and commercial arbitration. Individuals, who complete such programs successfully, will have an opportunity to undergo certification (with participation of the IASHE - London, UK) and thereby apply for the AICAC international arbitrator status within the "Arbitration Academy" project launched by the Court (http://court-inter.us/node/27306).

Individuals, who complete relevant educational programs offered by official partners of the AICAC successfully, will also have an opportunity to become certified by the AICAC and join the International Human Rights Commission of Judicial and Police Inquiries (IHRCJPI; http://court-inter.us/node/12850) as a member.


- Presentations of individuals certified at the AICAC as members of the IHRCJP