Dear partners, colleagues, as well as active participants of international commercial operations and other persons concerned!

We have previously announced information about establishment of the Transcontinental Arbitration Corporation.

Now we declare August 1, 2016 as the day of official launch of activities of the corporation. 

The Corporation is urged to promote large-scale distribution of effective arbitration mechanisms of settlement of commercial disputes on the global level, and to facilitate access to arbitration and mediation procedures for economic agents.

Any interested organizations engaged in activity related to organization and support of the international trading cooperation, as well as settlement of the relevant disputes, can join the Corporation.

We urge progressive law, consulting and human rights organizations to actively participate in activities of the corporation, use its resources for joint consideration of pressing issues of international law and trade, make joint decisions in this field, announce own position in relation to effective protection of rights and legal interests of participants of international economic relations on the large scale.  

Join our community of professional companies and projects consolidating their efforts in order to promote effective development of international markets of goods and services!