The AICAC is offering various educational programs aimed at training qualified specialists with the competencies (knowledge and skills) required to professionally perform functions of international arbitrators. Specialized programs of training of international arbitrators are initiated by the AICAC independently ("Academy of International Arbitrators" project) or together with its regional partners (Partner educational projects in different regions and countries). The curriculum of such programs includes courses on arbitration law and proceedings, private international law, comparative law, as well as the specificity of the AICAC Regulations. After successful completion of training, the interested persons will be able to acquire the following statuses:

  • Specialist in the field of international commercial arbitration, certified in the AICAC as the member of the International Human Rights Commission of Judicial and Police Inquiries (IHRCJPI; The rules of passing the certification procedure are available here:;

  • Associated arbitrator of the AICAC (reserve arbitrator)*;

    *Ad hoc judges of the AICAC are international arbitrators who can be involved in consideration of disputes in case they possess exclusive competence demanded by the parties to the dispute or if the parties, due to various reasons, have not been able to form the arbitral tribunal from among the Permanent judges of the AICAC.

  • International arbitrator of the AICAC (permanent arbitrator)**.

    **Permanent judges of the AICAC are international arbitrators who can be freely elected by the parties to disputes into the structure of arbitral tribunals considering such disputes

At the same time specialists with the university degree in economics, management, sociology, political science and other related fields can also enroll in the training program for international arbitrators. In case of successful completion of the certification procedure, such persons will be able to acquire the above-mentioned statuses on general grounds.

In order to acquire the Arbitrator status after completing the partner’s educational program, the competitor must also pass the certification, which includes:

  • passing the test related to peculiarities of the AICAC Regulations ("Regulations Test");
  • writing the original paper, which would be assessed by experts and published in the journal "GISAP: Economics, Jurisprudence and Management". (

Rules of passing the AICAC program "Academy of International Arbitrators" and official partner educational programs (as well as the list of questions and basic rules of passing the Regulations Test) are available via the links offered below.