Dear partners and colleagues!

The Court Secretariat has been receiving a lot of letters sent by the persons concerned containing questions related to the nature and scale of involving such persons into arbitration procedures, therefore the AICAC Secretariat is authorized to announce the following.

Specificity of the AICAC development and international promotion of services rendered by our arbitration institution is in the fact that the AICAC greatly depends on initiative and activity of our regional partners worldwide. In fact AICAC is an open arbitration organization with corporate structure. Every our partner has the right "to bring" cases of own clients or business partners into the Court and receive a share of income gained due to administrative fees charged by the AICAC. Due to the fact that many of our "active" regional partners are at the same time AICAC arbitrators, it is no surprise that the parties to disputes finally pick them as arbitrators. The AICAC administration has no right to interfere with the procedure of choosing particular persons from the officially published list of AICAC arbitrators by the parties.

At the same time, practice shows that the greatest activity in distribution of the AICAC arbitration clause and bringing disputes to consideration in the Court is shown by our regional partners from the Middle East, Africa, America and the Post-Soviet states. Our partners from countries of Western Europe are quite passive in this matter.

The AICAC Secretariat is looking forward to fruitful cooperation with all the regional partners of our Court and the relevant significant remedial and commercial effect from our joint activities!