In accordance with the official statistics, in 2015 the AICAC has considered nine international commercial disputes and held two mediation procedures with the total amount of the stated plaintiff's claims over 34 928 000,0 USD. Four of the indicated arbitration procedures were related to fulfillment of trading contracts, one dispute emerged from the commercial representation agreement, one dispute was related to issues of the copyright and industrial property, one dispute was based on the buy and sell agreement related to the corporate rights, one dispute was related to the contract of carriage by sea and one dispute emerged from the cargo ship affreightment contract. During the mediation procedure disagreement between parties in the field of property shares distribution between owners of the international corporation in the process of its liquidation was settled, as well as the dispute between the sporting agency and the group of professional athletes. Among the above-listed procedures four arbitration trials may be regarded as high complexity procedures and three trials may be considered as complex.

Last year the AICAC provided assistance in organization and holding of the ad hoc arbitration for the first time in its history.

In addition, three procedures of arbitration support of the contract and two procedures of inspection and protection of commodity and financial operations have also been successfully implemented in 2015.

During the last year more than 300 human rights advocates from around the world have become members of the International Human Rights Commission of Judicial and Police Inquiries of the AICAC.

According to the data provided by regional partners of the AICAC from around the world, in 2015 arbitration clauses of our Court have been officially indicated in 1293 commercial contracts. 15 agreements on arbitration support of contracts and 9 agreements on the application of the procedures of inspection and protection of commodity and financial operations have also been concluded. The number of arbitration clauses and agreements concluded by contractors without participation of regional partners of the AICAC is unknown.

It should be noted once again that the AICAC is a young and developing arbitration institution, that’s why the statistical indicators provided above seem quite positive for us. Parties to the indicated trials remain satisfied with the quality and results of arbitration procedures. These entities fully execute verdicts made by the AICAC. Not a single arbitration decision has been disputed. In accordance with the decision made by parties to the indicated arbitration trials, the information concerning these trials is confidential. At the same time, the Secretariat of the Court is holding consultations with parties to several disputes considered in 2014 and 2015 concerning partial publication of separate nuances of such trials in demonstrative informational purposes.

The AICAC expresses sincere gratitude to its official partners, which assisted in bringing commercial disputes to consideration in the Court in 2015. We are also grateful for credit of trust given to us by parties which have benefited from the services rendered by the AICAC.

Another word of commendation and gratitude should be sent to arbitrators which have considered arbitration cases (in accordance with the decision made by the parties to the disputes) and have successfully finished their task on the high professional level.