Business platform

A business platform is a complex of unique AICAC and IUCI projects that are aimed at the following goals: 

  • Organization of international economic cooperation and commercial transactions - the “Union” project;
  • dissemination of information about the activities and projects of the Court’s partners - the «Megaphone» project;
  • legal and organizational protection of commercial transactions - the «Shield» project;
  • providing partners of the Court with exclusive tools for developing their business, presenting and promoting goods and services - the “Takeoff” project;
  • roviding partners of the Court with additional opportunities for profit – the «Duplet» project;
  • providing the partners and clients (counteragents) of the Court with the opportunity to choose various packages of legal protection and consulting support from the side of the Court - the “Way” project;
  • providing the partners of the Court with the opportunity to offer AICAC and IUCI any original and promising initiative, project or program that can bring tangible or intangible effects to these organizations and partners - the “Original” project;
  • providing opportunities for effective partners to grow their personal and professional status: offering leadership positions in regional branches of the Court or in the central administration of AICAC; development of educational and professional qualifications; AICAC medals and valuable prizes; the provision of advanced ranks of AICAC – the "Top" project.