According to official statistics for 2014, the AICAC has considered 7 international commercial disputes, and also carried out 1 mediation procedure. The total amount of declared plaintiff's claims is over 28 000 000,0 USD. Among the specified arbitration procedures 3 disputes were connected with performance of trade contracts, 2 disputes were connected with matters of damage and loss of freights in the process of their delivery to the buyer, 1 dispute was connected with matters of copyright and manufacturing cost, 1 dispute was connected with disagreement between the parties concerning investment obligations. In the course of the mediation procedure disagreement between parties in the sphere of agency activity and insurance of commercial property were settled. From among the specified procedures 2 arbitration proceedings can be considered as procedures of the increased complexity, 2 trials are recognized as complex. The AICAC is the young and developing arbitration institution and these indicators are very positive for us. The parties of the specified trials were satisfied with the quality and results of arbitration procedures. These persons fully execute verdicts rendered by the AICAC. None of arbitral decisions was challenged. According to the decision made by parties of the specified arbitration disputes, information on trials is confidential. However, certain data on 2 arbitration disputes currently under consideration by the Court will be published soon in accordance with the decision made by persons concerned. The AICAC is sincerely grateful to official Partners who made their best to bring commercial disputes to consideration in the AICAC in 2014. We also express gratitude for trust to parties which have used services rendered by the AICAC. Those arbitrators who considered arbitration cases in accordance with the decision of parties of disputes and were able to fulfill their obligations at the high professional level also deserve commendation and gratitude.