Regulations of AICAC



Approved by the Board of Directors

of the International Union of Commerce and Industry (UK)
- Resolution No. 17/77-10 of 08/12/2010
Adopted by the Congress of the American International
Commercial Arbitration Court (USA)
- Resolution No. 02/11-10 of 07/07/2010


Regulations of the American International Commercial Arbitration Court (hereinafter - "the Arbitration Court") are based on the ideas of recognition of democratic values of supremacy of human and civil rights and freedoms, the priority of international law over acts of national law of various countries, fairness and legality of administration of justice and adjudication procedures, use of advanced and most effective means of legal protection of rights and legitimate interests of participants in international economic, as well as and civil, labor and other relations, which are settled on a contractual basis.

Despite the fact that the Arbitration Court is legalized and located in the USA(its central administrative Office), it provides all kinds of arbitration services, as well as legal services directly associated with arbitration, which can be freely requested by the interested parties around the world.

These Regulations are applicable under any legal system regulating the arbitration services rendered to the interested parties regardless of the language used by them to communicate with other persons and to draw up official documents.

The Arbitration Court has all the necessary administrative resources to organize the arbitration proceedings and mediation in various countries through independent implementation of the necessary actions or execution of special agreements with the relevant arbitration institutions of other countries.

These Regulations are developed with regard to advanced international methodology of settlement of disputes through arbitration, formed by generalization of experience of arbitration practice around the globe. This arbitration experience is embodied in the provisions of the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration, as well as procedural documents of institutional arbitration tribunals and arbitration courts around the world known for their efficient administration of justice.

Activity of the Arbitration Court is focused on efficient and fair settlement of disputes arising in the context of international trade relations and other relations regulated on a contractual basis, between the residents of different countries with different legal, social and economic systems. In this regard, the Arbitration Court serves as an international instrument of the rule of law and protection of violated rights in the sphere of economic relations, with no territorial, national or political restrictions.

According to the will of the interested parties expressed prior to hearing the merits of the correspondingdispute, when carrying out its activitiesthe Arbitration Court may administer justice in accordance with these Regulations or in accordance with the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules.

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