Making partnership

Any official partner of the AICAC acquires this legal status through obligatory adhesion to the following standard partnership agreement. The agreement has the standard form and the status of the free contract of adhesion of third parties corresponding to the status and qualification requirements of the AICAC. At the same time specific features of interaction of the concrete partner and the AICAC which correct, specify or supplement statements of the standard partnership agreement in relation to such a person, are stated in the “Title of competence”. Such document is prepared by the AICAC unilaterally on the basis of the preliminary agreement with the partner. In points where it contravenes the standard agreement it has priority status over the standard partnership agreement.

In the AICAC practice cooperation with interested third parties (meeting business and personal qualification requirements of the Court) assumes acquisition of one the following statuses by such parties:

1) Partner - a person running a business together with the Court and taking part in distribution of revenues from incomes received by the Court due to efforts of the partner. The General regional partner has the right to create own partnership network within limits of the relevant geographical zone. All members of such a network are partners of the Court, but their status is not independent. It is based on the status of the General partner. Therefore revenues of the partnership network members are determined by the General regional partner (depending on actual contributions of members to the general efficiency and profitability of the network).  

2) Representative - official attorney of the Court. A representative has the right to represent interests of the Court in relations with third parties. A representative receives a one-time reward in every case of effective fulfillment of own duties.

3) Arbitrator and mediator - persons working on settlement of commercial disputes and receiving rewards for participation in arbitration or mediation procedures stated by Regulations of the AICAC.

The most significant part of profits is brought to the AICAC by partners bringing cases for settlement in the court.  Without such cases the court and its partners won't have any profits. Profit of partners is based on "administrative fees" for consideration of arbitration cases (profit gained from consideration of cases is divided between partners and the court in previously agreed proportions). Arbitrators get the individual "honorarium fee" for participation in consideration of the dispute. Arbitrators are not participants of the arbitration business. They are its "legal instruments". However, in case if persons you recommend act not only as arbitrators, but also as partners (members of your partnership network), we can declare in advance that 10-15% of their fee earnings will be directed to the development of the partnership network.   
Besides, it is worth remembering that policy of the AICAC is based on the following: first of all we recommend parties of the dispute to use our the most active partners (having the status of arbitration judges) as arbitrators.
At last, partners and persons connected with them have a preferential right to represent interests of parties of the dispute at consideration of their cases in the court as accredited attorneys (advocates). This activity is also a source of profits  in volumes determined by the contract between persons concerned.

Partner Certificate
Title of Competence
Arbitrator’s Objuration Certificate
License of the Partner/Arbitrator
Car Certificate