Benefits of commercial disputes consideration in the AICAC: 

  • efficiency, professionalism and objectiveness of arbitral proceedings;
  • an international range of professional arbitrators selected by the parties to a dispute;
  • the flexible arbitration fees amounts system selectively differentiated depending on the residence and economic state of the parties to a dispute;
  • the possibility to choose a remote form of arbitral proceedings hastening the procedure and diminishing the cost of dispute consideration;
  • international recognition of the AICAC arbitral awards and, if necessary, their enforcement in any civilized state;
  • the capability to consider a dispute anywhere in the world.
  • Court Services
  • Innovations of the Court
  • Special Terms for Working With Large corporations


Benefits of cooperation with the AICAC: 

  • the prestige and authority of the status of the AICAC partner, representative or arbitrator;
  • attractive terms of remuneration for labor, initiative and creative efforts of partners and representatives of the AICAC;
  • specific financial terms of forming the size of arbitration costs for companies that systematically use the AICAC arbitration clause in their business practice;
  • implementation of the "Human Rights Advocacy Environment of the AICAC" program, which allows parties to a dispute under certain conditions  to become partners, representatives, and even arbitrators of the AICAC in the future;
  • the project "Arbitration Academy of the AICAC" intended with the support of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE, London, UK), as well as partner universities from various countries, to raise the level of knowledge and professional qualification of partners, representatives and arbitrators of the AICAC, as well as law students and young lawyers;
  • a reward to individual promoters of the AICAC arbitration clause.
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  • Innovations of the Court
  • Special Terms for Working With Large corporations
  • Cooperation With Law Educational Institutions and Departments of Various Countries