Protected Trade Exchange

The «Protected Trade Exchange» - this is a project for organizing international economic cooperation and commercial transactions.

General rules

Within the framework of this project, any partner or client of the Court can post on the Court's website information about his desire to purchase or sell goods or services, find partners for the implementation of a commercial, venture or innovation project. Goods and services are sold through the AICAC and IUCI Protected Trade Exchange.

For this, the initiator submits to the Secretariat all the necessary information about the parameters of the future transaction, the quality of the goods or services, and the conditions of the partnership. The court, together with the IUCI, verifies this information and, if necessary, receives from the initiator the necessary additional information. The goods and services that are offered for sale on the Protected Trade Exchange at the Court are certified according to the IUCI “ICSQ-775” standard.

On the Court’s website, in the section of the «Protected Trade Exchange», a commercial offer (lot) is placed in short form. Lot value may not be less than 100,000, 0 USD. The court bears responsibility to the future (potential) partners of the initiator (owner) of the lot for the accuracy of the information about the lot and the quality of the goods or services that are sold. Prior to the conclusion of the transaction (contract), the contact details of the counterparties are known only to the Court.  The parties are entitled to negotiate, bargain on the purchase price and agree on the conditions of a future transaction through the mediation of the Court.

Services for placement of commercial offers (lots) and certification of goods and services according to the «ICSQ-775» standard are provided free of charge.

The Court and the IUCI shall charge agency fees (in equal parts) from the counterparties of the trade transaction only in the event of the conclusion of a commercial contract. The amount of the agency fee may be from 1 to 3% of the transaction amount: 3% - with the transaction amount up to USD 1,000,000.0; 2% - if the transaction amount is from 1 000 001.0 and up to 5 000 000.0 USD; 1% - if the transaction amount exceeds 5,000,000.0 USD.

Contracts (transactions) are concluded on IUCI letterhead and are confirmed by AICAC.

By decision of the counterparties, the Court may additionally protect the transaction using one of the procedures: a) Arbitration support of the contract; b) Inspection and protection of commodity and financial transactions.


Product name and description / year (date) of production


Scope of application

Unit of measurement


Quality / condition / packaging

Supplier's Country


Delivery conditions



Commodity items (lots) are being prepared for placement.