Cooperaton With Law Educational Institutions and Departments of Various Countries

Law educational institutions and departments of various countries can be an important element of promoting dynamic development of the Court. Effectively operating specialized educational organizations are aimed at providing their students with education of the highest quality, and therefore the issues of practical approbation of knowledge, training of teachers, participation of teachers and students (in one form or another) in real legal procedures must be very interesting for them. For example, students of law schools (colleges) could be involved in the documentary information and organizational support of arbitration proceedings as secretary trainees. Representative offices of the Court could be organized at universities (colleges), in which teachers and the best students of these educational institutions could be involved as consultants, secretaries and even arbitrators. Moreover, participation of universities in social activities through the administration of justice or its promotion is the fact that raises the social status and image of any educational institution, as well as its reputation and ranking. Finally, law universities (colleges) and departments are a kind of compact union of established and future professionals who can use in their practice and effectively spread properly obtained information about the Court and its activities. Specialists of specialized educational institutions would be helpful to the Court not only as partners or arbitrators, but also as authors of the various analytical works about the Court, as well as educators and consultants at the forums held by the Court. Finally, universities (colleges) are also interesting to the Court as owners of premises that could be used in different countries to conduct arbitral proceedings.