Innovations of the Court

  •  Differentiated mechanism of calculation of arbitration expenses  taking into account factual circumstances of a dispute and economic status of its parties and the countries whose residents they are;
  • Development of economical and efficient systems of remote consideration of commercial disputes  using the mechanisms of interactive communication and electronic signature;
  • The possibility to consider dispute in accordance with the will of their parties on the basis of either the AICAC Regulations or the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules;
  • The procedure of arbitration support of contracts, which has no analogues in the international arbitration practice;
  • Innovative procedure of preliminary certification of quality of goods and services being purchased under a contract in the framework of the  "ICSQ-775" Certification Standard;
  • Innovative procedure of inspection  and protection of commodity and financial operations;
  • Innovative mechanism of cooperation with large corporations;
  • Professional and geographic principle of forming the corps of the AICAC arbitrators from among qualified and experienced lawyers from various countries of the World recommended by regional partners of the AICAC.
  • The possibility, in accordance with the will of the parties to a dispute, to include in the arbitral tribunal conducting arbitral proceedings a lawyer who has the status of an arbitrator of the AICAC and participated in the elaboration and conclusion of the corresponding commercial contract between the parties, and is aware of the specifics of relations between the parties and the dynamics of their performance of contractual obligations.