Regulations Test

Below you can find the list of questions related to the AICAC Regulations, which are used in the procedure of certification of knowledge of applicants for the AICAC international arbitrator status.

Answers to these questions are formulated by applicants in writing and in a free form. Answers to these questions should be stated by applicants at their discretion - in brief and sufficient form.

Applicants must answer all questions. The test is considered to be completed successfully if the applicant correctly answers at least 30 questions (out of 37).
All AICAC Regulations are available on the official website of the Court.


1. The AICAC Regulations
2. Regulations on the Arbitration support of a Contract
3. Regulations on the Procedures for Inspection and Protection of Commodity and Financial Operations
4. Regulations on the procedure of organization and conduct of "ad hoc" arbitral proceedings
5. Regulations of the mediation procedure in the Joint Mediation Council of the International Union of Commerce and Industry (UK) and American International Commercial Arbitration Court (USA)
6. Regulations of the AICAC Chamber of Expert Proceedings
7. Additional Regulations of the AICAC Patent Chamber
8. Regulations of the International Human Rights Commission of Judicial and Police Inquiries