The international legal practice testifies eloquently to the fact that not every professional lawyer specializing in the field of international law is capable of acting efficiently as the international arbitrator.

The AICAC experience allows us make a conclusion that the universities of law located in different countries usually do not train legal scholars ready to work in the field of international arbitration. Such professional lawyer should meet the following high requirements:

  • rather broad knowledge in the field of private international law;
  • awareness of national legal systems of countries, the residents of which actively participate in the international trade;
  • profound knowledge in the field of international economic relations and economic situation at the global market of goods, services and economic resources;
  • well-developed skills in the field of international legal comparativistics (comparative analysis);
  • well-developed analytical skills;
  • decent diplomatic skills;
  • profound knowledge in conflictology and psychology of crisis management in relation to processes and situations;
  • constant self-development;
  • high moral status and well-developed sense of justice.

It should be noted that the official status of an international arbitrator is always the evidence of high status and excellent professional qualification of a lawyer, as well as the presumption of wide competence, increased public respect and absolute recognition of the lawyer’s professional authority worldwide. In this regard together with the IASHE (London, UK; and with assistance of interested Universities (in certain cases) the AICAC is implementing educational programs (trainings; professional development) aimed at training professional arbitrators in various countries.

Please take a look at the basic information on such programs:

1) Implementation of professional programs of further education. General requirements -

2) The program aimed at training international arbitrators (with the opportunity to obtain the AICAC arbitrator status) - Professional lawyers, international economists and diplomats can master the specified educational program and receive further educational qualification, international documents and the AICAC arbitrator status, if they are interested. This educational program can be fulfilled remotely. We invite interested Universities from various countries to cooperate.