About the Court

In order to address the Court regarding the commercial dispute consideration the stakeholders have to include the arbitration clause into their contract or to conclude a separate arbitration agreement with indication of the corresponding competence of the AICAC (variants of such agreements can be found here: http://court-inter.us/node/38).

The Court undertakes the arbitral adjudication in accordance with its own Regulations (http://court-inter.us/node/137; http://court-inter.us/node/62) or the UNCITRAL Regulations.

Apart from the consideration of arbitration disputes, the AICAC implements the mediation procedures (http://court-inter.us/node/369; http://court-inter.us/node/66) and also provides assistance in organization of arbitration in the "ad hoc" format (http://court-inter.us/node/65).

The AICAC also offers its own juridical innovations aimed at protection of interests of parties of international commercial contracts and guaranteeing the contractors' honesty:
1) Arbitration contracts support (http://court-inter.us/node/387);
2) Inspection and protection of commodity-related and financial operations (http://court-inter.us/node/512).

The international human rights organization called the International Human Rights Commission of Judicial and Police Inquiries of the AICAC - IHRCJPI (http://court-inter.us/node/12850) functions under the aegis of the AICAC.

AICAC is the young, independent and ambitious arbitration institution (the standing institutional arbitration). Arbitrators of the Court are experienced professionals of high qualification from around the world. Every year arbitrators validate their statuses by writing the attestation work (professional essay) published in the international scientific journal (http://court-inter.us/node/15813).

Practicing lawyers, commercial consultants, other qualified progressive specialists and public figures from around the world may become partners of the AICAC (http://court-inter.us/partners). Partners of the AICAC have the right to claim the share in revenues of the Court received due to their participation.

Information about arbitration disputes and their parties is usually confidential. Only this year certain data on cases previously considered by the AICAC will be published after the approval of stakeholders (parties).

Some statistical data on activities of the Court in 2014 is available here: http://court-inter.us/node/15501.

The Court actively participates in humanitarian processes. It cooperates tightly with some scientific organizations (http://iashe.eu/), takes part in international scientific and educational projects (http://iashe.eu/) and assists in publication of the professional scientific journal (http://www.ecojuris.gisap.eu/). The Court implements book-publishing activities related to the sphere of its interest.

The AICAC is the legal entity officially registered in the USA in 2010 as the arbitration institution. The Court has international competence and has the right to consider commercial disputes between residents of different states in any part of the world. Arbitration decisions made by the AICAC have universal international status based on inter-state conventions and national legislation of different countries.

The International Union of Commerce and Industry (London, UK (http://iuci.eu/)) is the founder of the Court. IUCI implements various progressive and innovative projects in the following areas: development of international commercial cooperation, human rights activities, certification and standardization of quality of goods, services and economic assets, settlement of commercial disputes, development of science and education.